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» 01 Nov 2013 - Tales for Tizen

This week, I was interviewed by Jarosław Staniek from the Qt for Tizen team about the new Qt-based client we’ve been working on.

Source of Tales is now fully playable with this new mobile-oriented client and we’re working on entering the Tizen App Challenge with it. This was a great opportunity for us to focus on making the game playable on mobile phones and tablets. We’re one of the first projects to use Qt for Tizen.

Due to some large changes on the server side, the old SDL-based client is no longer compatible. If you are interested in trying out the new client, please follow the updated instructions about how to get it compiled. It is not very suitable for playing on a desktop PC though, but that is something we hope to improve in the future.

Thorbjørn Lindeijer

» 18 Feb 2013 - We won!

We won the grand prize of the Liberated Pixel Cup! This project was started as an entry of this cup. Today the judging results got released!

We would like to thank everyone who made the Liberated Pixel cup possible. This includes:

Thorbjørn Lindeijer - Worked a lot at the engine, i.e. client and server software. Always an eye on gameplay issues. All OK in the machines room!

Erik Schilling - Put his hands at everything where it was required. This also includes client and server software and lots of game scripting. Somebody had an overview?

Felix Stadthaus - Mapping and fixes in the quest scripting, minor client hacks. Quality knows his name ;)

Jessica Tölke - For the awesome NPC dialogues and quest and content work in general. Kind people they are!

Stefan Beller - Did a lot balancing work and fixed all kind of issues everywhere. A lot of detail work!

Przemysław Grzywacz - Did most of our amazing maps. What a lovely world!

Those did also contributions:

Chuck Miller did a great commit on the client side to have a better look and feel for NPC dialogs.

Baŝto and Postremus who worked on hairstyles.

Tom Leese created this website using Jekyll!

Join us on our server: (it is in the server list!). We have some trouble with it lately. But we hope to be able to update it to latest code soon and resolve those issues!

Have fun playing and a big thanks to everybody again! the Source of Tales Development Team

» 20 Aug 2012 - Review of our game by Nushio

Nushio started to review all of the Liberated Pixel Cup entries. He already reviewed us! Check out the review here:

» 06 Aug 2012 - So it begins...

We started this game as an entry of the Liberated Pixel Cup ( This contest was divided into two phases. First the art phase and second the code phase. During the art phase the graphics you can see in our game were done. Later, in the code phase, this game was created. Back then this game was called “Lurking Patrol Comrades”. Shortly after end of the cup we had the time to think about a better name. We are now called “Source of Tales”.